LINE for Businesss Launchs LINE Official Account Redesign full-scale updated.

LINE for Businesss

LINE for Businesss announces to launch LINE Official Account (LINE OA) as part of the re-design project to overhaul LINE@ the previous LINE business Solutions, a platform for business owners that leverages LINE-related services.

LINE for Business, a web portal for

entrepreneurs, is now open after a big changes. Any businesses are encouraged to visit LINE for Business , that now called LINE OA, for latest information regarding LINE@ the former business solutions is obsoleted and other services for business owners

offered on the LINE Official Account and other LINE-related services.

In Thailand, LINE Certified Coaches and Agencies are the main promotion army of LINE OA. This is our interview with

number 1 digital marketing consultant in Thailand, Mr. Thitiphon Tiemchan , " Not only can enterprises send blast messages as before, LINE Official Account encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to be more proactive in sending targeted messages . LINE

OA enable businesses to deliver the right messages to the right people but don't forget that LINE, the current normal version one, is still deliver the great outcome."

LINE Official Account (LINE OA) updated to consolidate user data that were previously

isolated in LINE@. This will empower businesses to deliver most suitable contents and services to their fans in a way that leads to establishing long-term relationships closer than before.

Through services, such as LINE for businesses ( LINE Official Account, LINE

Business Connect, LINE Customer Connect, and LINE@ ), programmatic advertisement ( LINE Ads Platform | LAP ), and solutions to address retailer sales promotion demands (LINE Myshop), LINE has continued to offer valuable and informative touch points for both businesses

LINE for Businesss

and users.

LINE launches new package plan in light of merging LINE Official Account replacing LINE@. LINE Official Account had been merged with LINE@ since Feb 2019. the consolidation of LINE Official Account and LINE@ now level out the functional differences

between these two services and allow businesses to enjoy diverse features more seamlessly, while enabling users to obtain the information and metrices they need.

Under the new price, businesses can own and operate a LINE Official Account from as low as

FREE of charges a month. Also LINE Business Account (LINE@) and LINE Customer Connect will be consolidated into this new LINE Official Account where these features are now available the LINE Official Account (LINE OA).

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