eCommerce 2020 how the FUTURE will be like ?! (answer is here)

ecommerce 2020

With e-commerce Paradise. Welcome to today's article. I'm going to talk to you about the future of e-commerce. And so I just saw a YouTube video ad from Amazon the other day got me really excited. They're showing an ad

with their new app that has augmented reality functionality in it. So now you'll be able to go on the Amazon app and actually move around objects around your home and place them on your mantelpiece or something like that

kind of like the same way you would do with Pokemon go right? They were played that or not. Basically the way it works is you point your camera somewhere you see the area and that little thing would appear

in that area just like it's a real life. So augmented reality is kind of exciting and it's growing a lot and so people can use their smartphones now to make it look like something's there that's not there and

it's going to beginning of something that's going to be really really cool which in the future is going to be a hologram technology. GSM of the next big thing and so Holograms have been around in sci-fi films and

stuff like that for a long time in the next few years. Probably maybe a little bit longer smartphones will have hologram technology. So, you know, you already have the ability to kind of use like a Don since up

to your phone to project things out onto its place somewhere but Holograms are where they create a 3D image of something freestanding. So kind of like 3D printers do right now where they can print anything 3D you'll be

ecommerce 2020

able to use your smartphone's to create Holograms of anything 3D. So if you are wondering how something looks how it's going to look in a certain space be able to create a hologram of that in that particular space

just using your smartphone just pointed out it's going to create that hologram. So I'm really excited for that technology to come out in the future and augmented reality as neat as well. Obviously, it's kind of a step in

the right direction to get there and there's a lot of great uses for it. Obviously technology isn't perfect yet, but it's going to be perfect. It's going to be really awesome looking to be able to use that for

all sorts of different things from hanging out with your friends. You know things you would see in Old sci-fi films are like whole grain would appear in the person's talking thing that with your friends in the future. So there's

lots of cool things robots are also increasing in their usability and the consumer world. There's going to be robots there already are that look and act like humans they're going to be at more realistic as time goes on

you're going to be able to have you know humans walking around like a maid or something like that to clean your house for you which is really cool, you know robots are very very useful and obviously, you know

ecommerce 2020

with software you can make a robot do almost anything. So that's really exciting as well and as smartphone technology increases a lot easier to you know, buy things online and to list things for sale online. So people all

around the world are now able to use their smartphone to list up for sale. They have lying around the house on eBay that's been going on for a long time, but you can eat actually practically run a whole

e-commerce store through just the Shopify app, which is pretty incredible as well. So on your smartphone you can list products while you're out and about you can write blog Of course, you can even do social media marketing things like

that. So it's really really awesome that you can get done and utilizing platforms. Like Google ads you'll be able to reach customers all over the world. Google ads is also in for evolving and YouTube ads are evolving. Facebook

ads are evolving. So the way you can reach consumers is getting easier than ever before every single day people are using these programs to communicate with each other. They're getting data about different user groups their interests and their

buying behaviors and stuff like that. Especially the search engine queries that happen. So, you know just billions of data points going through these computer software systems every single day, which means for you as a marketer you're going to

be able to grow your business a lot better by reaching the people that want to buy something that you have for sale right now. And that's the beauty of it is reaching people at the bottom of the funnel

and also promoting your business at the middle and top of the funnel. It's going to become easier to just because you understand who these people are and you as a marketer. You need to learn copywriting skills. You know be

able to talk to people at the part. They are in the funnel respect that part in the buying process. Is there at just like you're having a sales conversation on the phone just respect where they are in the

process and try to get them to the next step of the process. That's the key. Okay and its really really good if you can understand that in kind of transmute that into the internet Forum. So the future is

bright. It's the best one to get in now. I've been looking at Amazon eBay Wayfarer sales numbers and it's just growing up every single year in the billions. It's really incredible what Amazon has done and what all these

are the Just going to be putting off you're building your e-commerce business, you know, and the monitor you wait. The more competition is going to enter the market the less you're going to be able to get in on

this big internet Gold Rush that's going on. The Internet is still like the Wild Wild West, you know, you can you can make so much money online and it's basically, you know money that's directly made from the consumer

to your pocket. You can even use things like Bitcoin now to trade which Bitcoin is an unregulated currency. So look at that kind of stuff and understand that the future is basically going to be direct person-to-person trade and

commerce through a medium that's easy fast to use an instant and you know what you can do maybe even as a Creator as an inventor's you can create things people will be able to print out on 3D printers

in their home. And if you do that then somebody has a 3D printer because I'm a basically almost everybody's going to eventually own a 3D printer and having their home kind of Staples kind of like replace things and

their homes. They need because getting Parts are manufactured so difficult now and the Plastics they create are very strong. So you can replace metal parts of plastics quite quite reliably now so that being said 3D printer technology is getting

better and the costs are increasing. So everybody's eventually to have a 3D printer in their home and 3D printer is going to be able to print out more than just plastic stuff. They're going to be able to make

food eventually any type of food. You could want you just you know by the capsules and it'll create the food for you right there on the spot and there's going to be a ton of other applications for that

as well that I can probably not even, you know, think of right now and so as a Creator, you can create, you know, patented designs of some sort or another that will be able to be printed on 3D

printer and you can sell those online people. So, you know for a dollar two dollars, whatever you can through like app store some to make that you'll be able to sell the signs of something like blueprints and people

can print it out on the 3D printer and boom it to go. Well. It happens a lot these days with digital products like ringtones music things like Even just regular blue prints designs for like sheds and things like that.

Those are pretty commonly sold online house blueprints that kind of stuff. I think you sold for a lot of money to buy the way so anything you can think of in your head that isn't really happening yet. But

on the edge of the precipice, it's good to kind of put yourself in that position because if you can be a Pioneer in a new market and and you can pave the way then you can be set to

make a lot of money from it and also, you know make a huge difference to the will still be that kind of person and get out there and do that. So when I get the high ticket Drop Shipping

the future is quite bright as well because this is always going to be a business model that needs marketers servant High ticket products are expensive there, you know big they're heavy too difficult to manage in these manufacturers are

always going to look for dealers to provide service for them. So be that dealer for the right and understand the software understand how to do better marketing and you'll always be able to get ahead with the Advent of

new. Things like, you know 3D printers and robots and you know augmented reality and hologram technology. I think you'll be able as a high-tech. It drops for utilize those to better serve your suppliers get them more sales and also

to obviously better serve your customers needs and as a niche thority site owner you'll be able to do the same thing Amazon's doing but with your specific Niche and your specific target market and of course people of authority

sites because I talk right to them. And so if you have an itch that that kind of technology to really serve then you're a very likely to make quite a bit of money and be very profitable with that

each other. So definitely now it's time to get into it. The future is bright. It's not going down. It's not going steady. It's going up and it's going to keep going up for a long time even through the

recession's so he Commerce is not going anywhere. I'm really excited for the future and I think you should be too.

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