Fake Influencers are coming a lot more in 2020 ...BEWARE!!!

fake influencers

Influencer marketing is more widespread than you think in fact a recent study estimated that sink influencers will cost Brands 1.3 billion to 2019. Which if you ask me there's quite a lot of money. So in this video, we're

going to tackle the whole problem. We're going to take a look at how you can spot them. So hopefully you won't lose 1.3 billion next year, right? So if you haven't slept behind a couch you probably well aware

that influencer marketing is quite a huge thing and you know, a lot of money involved coming right for me a fairly small actually super small store say the words influencer. I made about sipho $6,000 little this year alone

only from influenster gigs. Just give you some perspective and the data speaks for itself over 63 percent of people trust influencers more than celebrities just because their word for us to boil more relatable. Of course now, I can

see a couple things. For example, Lauda influencers are not exactly relatable, but you know, who My to tell the second of all my friends is a lot of them are just fake. I tell you how it is and

varies Force actually here on this first and foremost the ones that take your numbers and I can tell you a lot as I wish I could tell you a lot of stuff because you know, I'm in the industry.

I know quite a lot of people and I know a lot of people for example people that almost have a hundred percent of their followers being fake including all the engagement everything just being fake except for I don't

fake influencers

know a hundred people then I know some people who have like 50/50, you know, they have let's say they have 3,000 followers but a hundred fifty of them are fake. How do I know that just because they tell

me also I know somebody and the scene you might know I don't know but had to pay back big amounts of money from a huge campaign in an out of court settlement just because they figure it out. All

right, his followers are not quite the best and they have suffered off course, they're fake and then there's of course those that figure Style for simple shopping you in front of the Eiffel Tower or some City or you know

going to make the background a little bit more bandied and it's usually should be and of course people that she looked weight differently in real life than they do in under Instagram feed and wherever and actually my friends

and I remember, you know, it's we're friends here. I remember first time I had somebody approached me on the street. It was about a year ago or something like this. He told me it was a he he told

me. Oh man, you totally look we worse in real life than you doing on the internet. You know, that's just sometimes that's just the way it is, right. So, of course this video features and only the one side

fake influencers

about you know, the fake influencers all these things and don't get me wrong here my friends, of course, I know there's two sides to a story. Of course. I know it's not only the influencers or the bat party

here because it happens that you know, I'm in the scene and happens that I know there's a lot of kids but companies Going to rip off influencers. So we're going to make a whole different video about you know, if

you're an influencer or you want to become an influencer what you can do to up your chances of getting brand deals and depth actually what you can do to negotiate better brand deal because I believe a lot of

people especially real simple answers. So it is kind of don't get enough what they would deserve but we're going to make a separate video but this so first starting off if your accompany least trying to figure out if

this influencer is fake or not, first of all and watch the video what first of all subscribe to this channel my friend, I totally forgot that here my second of all, you know, ask of course for screenshots ask

for screenshots about it. That's you know, what's going on and not just ask for one or two sides try to ask for specific stats feel maybe you could find a bad or maybe you can see progress task force

that's of a picture a year ago that asked for a set of this picture and then ask for stats for the other picture. So maybe you can see growth or you can see some patterns. For some fan questions real

and did not think anything or a lot course, they're going to think he's fast for that. So there's that looks so I know it's like you want to know some other Matrix to figure that out without asking influencers.

So the first thing that you want to ask yourself whenever you stumble across a profile of a so-called influencer is reflect on if this is possible, you know bait that I mean, you know, is this really possible that

this person has gathered this amount of followers because chances are as people have followers to have done something. Date and provide entertainment stuff like this. Maybe they have their Fame towards they're influencing brought that back over from another

platform for some YouTube. So I'm not sure thing is to cross-check every, you know, different platforms and don't get me wrong. It's a hard thing to tell because I know some huge instagrammers who can't convert over to YouTube.

We have like small YouTube channels. I on the other hand no some huge inside YouTubers who don't have anything going on in scrap. So, you know kind of be aware of that because you know chances are if they

have some real fans and followers and some real influence chances. Are they doing don't just post random pics on Instagram and that's about it. You know No One's Gonna Get You know, what makes no sense. Of course nice

picture and I see but still it's more it's more than that my friends. I'm sorry to burst your bubble coming right from that is actually take a look at their Community because chances are if they have an influence

they do have a community going on for them. Yeah meaning. How's your comments? First foremost what's going on in there cops? Can you see repeating patterns? Always the same comments always some lackluster comments of people. We're not really there,

you know, we're not really interested in that the influencer or is there really something going on is through is there a lot of comments really unique comments that kind of sparked conversations. I have something going on kind of

like a tripe, even we offer them. If you see that just are they might be real and if you don't see that if you only see nice keep up the good work my friend stuff like this, you know,

yes probably red flag or alert here cause if you try if you want to be the Sherlock's here as for I to find patterns that good go through the people who comment maybe you can see something, you know,

maybe it's always the same people who comment or similar people who comment as maybe you can see there in an engagement group and I know some influencers who do have a fairly okayish follower base on Instagram like they

15,000 followers. So that's kind of okay to start with and you To get like five comments and all of a sudden they have like 30 50 comments. And if you Trek Back most of them are from engagement Crimson, you

know, those times are over I tell you how it is. Another thing is to actually check their at demographics and it's kind of hard to really tell their demographics. And first of all, you can just go through their

fathers 101 and snow take an hour of your time. Maybe you have an intern in your company. You could do that for you for you to hire me to do that for you to spot fake influencers, you know,

just putting that out there actually never thought about that actually good idea. If you want to hire me to check out a sample answers legit. We're whatever hit me up. You're going to find a way anyway go through

their followers plus and the demographics. I did a video kind of similar video feature on that topic Kev. I'm going to link it here here here. So I don't know I talk about so-called high body or any I'm

not a hundred percent sure if it's like a hundred percent, correct? But it's actually pretty good data to see if they are most of the followers from Brazil. Not that there's anything wrong with Brazilian people, of course, you know,

of course not but you know, just that to have just shown us that the lot of those fake pot followers are from Brazil or India. Of course, there's people I talked to some people in India and they told

me they have kind of like side hustles going on to go in an internet cafe and have like this you doing a lot of phones there and do all these weird things. So, you know why it's like also

sponsored post, you know jump chance. So if you want to speak, uh spot speak fought fence will do you want to spot a fake influencer you you're thinking about making some sponsor thing with them and here's the thing

take a look today ever do another sponsored post or not. And if yes, what kind of thing is is to some random weird small product that you can get for a 15% off coupon code stuff like this or

is it some real branches trying to get where you can see Is she behind it where you can see the content something is, you know just always liked on think a little bit could this whole thing it really be

true? Yeah, basically basically these are the tips that really really always you can always tell when going through profile looking at these things the things that I just talked about right now and you know, if you don't want

to be fake influencer, if you really want to get stuff going on if you don't want to rely first and foremost on the Infantry gigs, but build your own personal brand, I do have a mentorship program going on

right take you by the hand and we're gonna build your Instagram your YouTube your whole personal brand whatever is necessary.

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