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influencer marketing

In life to create an impact or to be remembered do something worth writing or write something worth reading now. That's a phrase might be a little dated in today's day and age and I think the new phrase would

go something like this today in life to be remembered or to create an impact do something that has the potential to go viral or write something that was retreating. I run my own PR and marketing firm called Catalyst

reputation management what you might know from that is that I work behind the scenes to help Brands build their influence in the market, but you definitely don't know is that I have been I've had 17 jobs and I

have Tate has taken me 15 years to find my true calling. So what makes me an influence on expert in influenza management. Is it my celebrity husband Ramon Medina? Shout out to him. Is it my super cute cuddly

cocker? Spaniel muffin. Is it my coaching family Royal lineage, or is it my many years of handling marketing and sales for some of the top brands in India like the touch? Well, the truth is it's all of it,

but it's also none of it. I think each and every one of us here is an influencer the trick is that some people have learned to make an impact of their influence in terms of followers as patrons and

wireless. So how have they done that according to me? There's just two very simple tricks one be unique. And don't run the art of telling a good story in life, wherever we go. We're surrounded by stories. Some of

influencer marketing

us have learned from these stories and others have been here smarter and learned how to put their learnings into practice. So today I thought I'll tell you just a few stories that have happened in my life that have

been my life's biggest and most impactful marketing lessons in influenza engagement. The first one The first one we are ghosts quite some time back, but it's very interesting. So there was this brand that I used to work for

my team used to work for and they were launching a beautiful Safari property. So our responsibility was to get the right people to come in and publicize this property so influences from around the world. This story goes on

to about the fact that we had really really worked hard to find to actually contact one of the leading Publications in the Big Apple and get their editor down. Now this itself is a huge feat because of their

time schedules and the travel and the distance so is a big win for us. And obviously we want to just leave no stone unturned in making sure that his experience at the Safari property was magnificent. So sure enough

we chose this beautiful presidential suite which is situated right there in the middle of the forest. 360 views of lush Greenery we flown in only the best amenities we made it to the to the Sweet you've got fresh flowers.

influencer marketing

We did research to find out what was his favorite fruit. And what is this table beverage may try to stop clearly. We didn't want to leave any chance for a bad experience and we wanted to make sure that

this Global World influencer had really the time of his life. So we were ready for his arrival and very very excited. He came in and of course the general manager escorted him down This Magnificent foil right to through

the grounds into this beautiful Suite where everything was just as we said it perfect you look very impressed and you should be because it was a fantastic sweet and just as we were about to take our leave he

turned to the left and there on the beautiful pristine white bed sheet was a rat. I was saying so I really big Bandicoot disaster because we have done for everything and this just we didn't know what to do. So

now we knew we had to make it up to him. We immediately profusely apologized and said we'll move you to another room. He had of course travel a long distance and he didn't want to move rooms because he

knew that is the best sweet. So what do we do? We said what can we do to make this better? He says just change the sheet get rid of the rack. Everything is fine. Sure, she's not good enough

for us but what to do. So we sent him off on his first Safari and when he came back and you know, the true Hospitality Panache we had scented rose petals leads to this champagne bubble bath, which is

going to be followed by a 10 cost crafted meal from the executive chef. And we seem that we we thought that we got it, right and of course he the editor seemed quite pleased with the efforts that we

were trying to take in making the situation better. And then when he walked to the bedroom to get his freshly baked bread under clothes, what does he find Tom on the pristine white bed is a rat but this

time it was a toilet which we are placed along with a little note that said, I'm really sorry that I bothered you. I just wanted to make friends. Welcome to the forest now that I know you don't like

me I won't trouble you for your trip again. Everybody makes mistakes. It's inevitable the real trick or the talent in influenza engagement and marketing is to learn how to handle it because sometimes all it takes is one wrong to

make things, right? My second lesson dare to be different. So this brand that I work on mosque. It's a chopped emails the Fantastic fine dining restaurant. And when we decide to work on the brand, we wanted to really

bring out its uniqueness and it is a fantastic property. So we launched it as the first the country's first Botanical Pastrana me restaurant tongue twister who word so what does that really mean? It actually just is a restaurant

that is serving beautiful fine dining food in international with International Friends land presentation, but using only local Indian produce, which is painstakingly sourced from forests and Farms all across India and sometimes even in our own backyard in a

city that is spoilt for choice where we have menus in restaurants that go over 10 pages with 500 dishes mask decided to be a little different and serve only Chef's tasting menus. I was just a few dishes specially crafted

by chef pratik and these dishes each tell a story but the story of the ingredients one of my favorite stories are one of that of the ingredients is that at the sea Buckthorn which is this very tiny orange

bury. That is only found in one place in India. So Chef pratik he flies to ladakh from ladakhi takes a six-hour journey to the nubra valley. Then he climbs the peak of the mountain where there's a small little

village called the tour took Village and interestingly. This Village doesn't even have electricity. So the villagers there by eat only produce. It is grown in abundance and locally in that Village. So you have wild berries apricots apples and

Hobbes because it grows in abundance another product that grows in abundance is of course the sea Buckthorn but because it's covered by wall of thorns. It's It's popular because it takes about three to four days to actually four inch

this entire bury all the way from from from with the from its root. But Chef pratik that does not destroy him. He goes ahead and he forages for four days just to bring it back to Mumbai to serve

on a small plate which is an ice Lolly just for that one Taste of our tart ingredient the story honestly writes itself. So what we in influencer marketing try to do and we really strive to do is find

that story find the uniqueness of the brand and then an influencer engagement. The idea is really to find the person who will help spread that message among your relevant audience lesson three Ask questions. So I during my tenure

at the touch I Actually, very very lucky and very very blessed because I got to meet some of the most amazing wonderful Global influences. I'm talking Tom Cruise President Obama. Really? I mean Hugh Jackman I'm going to just

the list was endless and I was really really blessed and privileged to have this opportunity. So what happened is a once we were supposed to meet in fact one of my favorite celebrities with Oprah Winfrey. I had grown

up, you know watching her shows. I had grown up reading about her and it was really really really excited to meet her because I'd binge watch every episode. So my job as a head of PR was to give

her a really unique present. Now, what do you give an influencer with everything in the world and has all the money to buy everything in the world because you have limited budgets and limited time to add to the

problems. So I thought and thought and as a company a tartare just part of the Tata Group which really believes in giving back and I thought that philosophy really resonated with Oprah Winfrey because she was all about the

you know giving back and she still is about giving back. So I thought that would be something that would connect the two iconic my brand and her And so we decided to make this beautiful hamper, which took us

two weeks of making personalized items handcrafted from each of the different charities from all over the Torah brands that we supported. And so it took us time. We contacted each each particular charity. They made something bespoke especially for

her we put in this beautiful silk crafted hamper and then we engraved it in Oprah style like Oprah's Favorite Things. This was starch starch is favorite things. We're really excited. It was perfectly acted in our room and we

were out she loved it and for this one-of-a-kind hamper was really really appreciate it until she asked the butler. I love it so much. Can you make me one more now? That's really interesting because this is a bespoke

alpha specially crafted only for her. There isn't one more in the world. How do I do that? So I actually must be equal in the Dodge. We were taught the philosophy that I could see the evil power. The guest

is God. And we never want to displease God so we went so I decide to muster up the courage go to her room and ask her Miss Winfrey. Oh what you need the hamper for the second-hand boy, you

giving it to another International guests because in my head, I thought I bought myself three days So young to be learning from that is really learn who your influenza is understand them and then try to build a relationship

based on their requirements so that you can you know grow with them. So to conclude if there's anything I've learned in my tenure as a marketer the trick to navigating as they say navigating influencer marketing is really about

don't limit the influence adjust to the number of fans or followers or patrons or customers. They have go beyond that try to make some kind of a relationship with them so that tomorrow that influenza can become your loyalist.

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