Amazing Things in Digital Marketing Year 2020 (Don't Miss!)

marketing 2020

2019 has been an amazing year for me so far. I've had a lot of impact of that. I see a community and the marketing World bah. I'm even more excited for 2020 because there's some things that are going

to change your housing not just in what I'm doing, but just the overall marketing industry everyone. Today I want to show what I'm most excited about in 2020 as a digital marketer before we get started make sure you

subscribe to this channel that way as a release more content and more videos like this. You'll get notified. If you're on YouTube click the alert notification. The first thing I'm excited for in 2020 is an omni-channel approach. I've

been talking about this a lot in 2019 and 2020. We're going to see this more than ever now. Yeah, you can be like yeah making money from SEO a good making money from pay-per-click albums are becoming tougher, but

there's new channels. Opening up there are as competitive and he's gonna leverage all these channels you can do. Well, for example, there's a company called Jetson AI that allows you to monetize your traffic from Google Voice and things like

Alexa home rate. So that way when people are on Google Voice or Alexa, they can go and order products and services from you from these voice search devices which supposedly by 2020 according to comscore have to search in

his will be voiced related those way exciting about omni-channel approach. Yeah, sure the existing house that you and I are familiar with there are saturated but there's always these new channels that are coming up that aren't as competitive.

marketing 2020

The second thing I'm excited about is content marketing has gone way above and beyond just text-based content according to Miles roughly 21 percent of the results that show up in a Google listing our video face. Did you know

that Google also ranks podcast they can transcribe your podcast. And short within the search results. Now that means now if you want results from SEO, you don't just have to create text-based content. You can do more videos. You

can do podcasting all these things are going to start driving you more traffic and they weren't as effective in 2019 because podcasting you really just right now and 2019 get traffic from the iTunes Store and you can't really

get a ton of traffic from Google search that's changing and that's beautiful because that means all the other forms of content that you produce will also start getting way more traffic way more love if you haven't heard producing

those types of content, make sure you start doing some 2019 that when 2020 you'll see the effects of and more traffic coming our way. The third thing personalization is huge. You're going to start seeing fridges and offline devices

sure giving you customize advice and marketing campaigns for you and I can't wait for that nowadays when you cook your stove will tell you ingredients recipes all these things. There's even crazy technology for things like ovens such as You

marketing 2020

haven't so you're going to start seeing marketing integrated into these devices which you and I will be able to leverage much more 2020 part for us to do that right now and 2019 because it's technology isn't fully there

yet. But I bet you in 2020 more of it will be there. The or thing that I really do love is chat worked extremely. Well right now my buddy Danny from next Evo one-third of his sales roughly come

from intercom. I bet you in 2020 more sales will even come from things like live chat. So make sure you add it to your website have more sophisticated Bots and make sure you have humans to take it over.

If you don't have the humans to take it over you won't generate a high Roi from these cat services and in 2020. It's going to work so much better than 2019 because people want instant gratification. They don't want

to wait a while. They want to talk to someone right now right then and there without picking up the phone Live Chat is amazing for that. Then I bet you're going to start seeing things like light try being

more video-based. So these Solutions will start integrating more. Video so you can actually interface and communicate with your potential customers now speaking of chat. The next thing that is going to be huge in 2020 is going to be chat-los

specifically face of Messier, whether it's mobile monkey many chat, whatever platform you decide to use they're going to be huge in 2020. The reason being is Facebook Messenger is eventually going to be integrated into one top Instagrams can

be integrated to all their services are going to be highly used think of it this way what's up is used more than just traditional text messaging from my iPhone and different parts of the world here in the United

States. More people may be leveraging. Let's say text messaging from their mobile. Things in other words smart device marketing you're going to start seeing way more ways. We can monetize and Market on Smart devices whether that's just Alexa,

whether that's your mobile phone, whether it's an iPad. It doesn't matter people are developing more and more technology that mentioned this a bit earlier in this video Justin AI there are already creating AI technology. So people can start

selling on things like Alexa devices, but they're not the only ones there's a ton of players in the space that are trying to create technology to monetize smart devices better and make it easier for marketers. And the last

tip that I'm most excited about this one is never suggest. I can't wait for 2022 2019 of already done a ton of things and over cities such as providing free rein tracking providing a login alerts you when things

are good or bad with your SEO. But why do you even more Curious suggestions to things like comparisons and questions in a bigger keyword database, but I'm really excited for 2020 because I'm trying to build a tool that

does SEO For you in other words f automates a lot of SEO out there so we don't have to do it manually anymore. So thank you for watching if you want help with your marketing right now is the time

to start check out my Ad Agency Neil Patel digital and if you liked this video leave a comment like it share it tell other people about it, and if you have any questions, of course when you leave a

comment, I'll make sure I'm responding to help you out.

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