Trends in 2020 that Graphic Designers MUST KNOW!!!

design trends 2020

You may be thinking. Well, this is a bit too early to start talking about design Trends and I would have to agree with you normally at the end of a year or recently at this year at the start

of the year in January. I post about the design trends that are happening or that are going to happen sort of like my predictions know if you're a graphic designer or a traitor you all know. The graphic design

Trends are a huge part of understanding what other designers are going to be doing in the next year like what massive businesses are going to be doing but I want to ask this question to you guys and I'm

going to put it to you. I'm not going to give you my thoughts too much about this answer of the question, but the question is this did design trends of really matter. And the reason why I'm posting this

video today and I'm saying this question is because I've been doing some research into what the design Trends could be and I did this quite a lot of the time. In fact, it is normal. It's normally like its

natural occurrence that happens what I just see Trends happening from online. Am I dirty little Secret when it comes to knowing where design Trends come from is for looking at technology and seeing the progress of it. Like way

is technology going I then take that information and I put it in the form of design. So for instance things like bold typography is because things and Technology getting smaller the Apple watch and wearable technology has taken as

design trends 2020

by storm. So that means that we need to have typography that is readable on a small scale. So that influences the type styles that people going to be using when the mobile phone came out people started doing at

Icon designs and it's been evolving and the sort of like a formula of keeping things simple now now the only thing I'm seeing in 2020 that's going to be massive for everyone including like the general public but not

just people who are prosumers but the general consumers is AR and VR to augmented reality and virtual reality. You've all heard of it you've Seen it and see what he can do. You seen the videos from Google where they

explain how they've got these programs that allow you to paint in thin at home. So wanting one of these goggles, I need to get some VR goggles. And because I'm seeing virtual reality being one of the highest newest

and most consumed Technologies in the next year or next five years. I can make a decision based on design Trends I can decide for myself and make a good prediction as to where it's going and how people and

how design is going to sort of infiltrate the AR and VR market and I once they are of ER in themselves a graphic design Trends, but the uses of what we could do inside of them will be a

design trends 2020

trend user interface design and experience design is going to be huge it within the VR and AR that's because the way that we touch the technology the actual input device is on Now it's literally our movement. So how do

we have experiences where it's not just tapping on the screen, but we couldn't move windows and absolutely different places on the screen. However, we want this has been a trend now stay with me. So the question I'm coming

back to is this do design Trends actually matter anymore, or is it just something that we want to know so we know where we stand in the industry, you know, I'll be posting these videos for ages saying, you

know design Trends are going to that, you know bolt I'd faces and like crazy gradient colors and different color palettes and I can help you guys understand companies and where they're going and help keep you guys relevant augmented

reality and virtual reality. I'm going to take as a by storm and that is a huge part of design. Now, we see the Pokemon go Apple missing so many different applications of VR goggles and headsets that are getting

more and more of the day is over the years. So the only trans I'm technically seeing at this moment in time when Almost to 2020 design is AR and VR and when I start to see it this early which

is in that met by the end of May and that means going to take off by than end of the Earth. So 2020 design Trends. I think the biggest one is going to be ar and VR communication and

you might be thinking well, why would it be ar and VR communication? Well as you've seen wearable technology is becoming more prevalent in our society. Everyone's got like a SmartWatch with it could track the heart rate and we

can track, you know, they can do an ECG and they can see how fit they are and seeing you know, how much calories they've burnt well-designed takes a huge Trend in there. So people using these watches the user

interface of the watches are going to have a massive impact on the design Trends because more people are going to be designing for these apps on these small devices. If you look at Google Glass and see how that

word mean is, I think it flopped having Properly coming up, but we can be sure that companies are going to come up with other Technologies like a are in glasses like Google Glass and that means that the way

that we design changes. So what are the biggest design trends of 2020 we've gone through minimalism, but I think Ultra minimalism is where we start to use crazy simple shapes. I also think that in typography we're going to

start seeing a lot more lowercase letter forms used in Brands before it was like fully uppercase a couple years ago. And today is can like, you know, the standard where it's the first letter is uppercase and the rest

of them are lower case, but I think in this next twenty twenty year, we're going to start to see all the other case to show that casual feeling because that's where people are coming from till company. Does this

really matter though? I have no idea. So I'm going to leave the ball in your car and let you guys decide on whether you think design Trends mean something or not because I think depending on the industry that

you're in the know. That you're in InDesign, whether your logo designer or a user experience designer or UI designer. I think they are all mean different things and I can't put a video out saying, you know, this is

going to be a design Trend because I'm starting to see so many different things. I influence by AR and VR and the reason why it's so important you is because I'm note of Technology will no longer just beats

late phones like this one day technology will be in our head or on ahead. I'll be crazy this in our head. So the design for the input information of our finger will no longer be necessary, but it will

have another input method and another making sense here. So I'll recap on this video. I believe that they are and we are going to change the way that we see Trends in design also thinks that fully lowercase letter

forms in a minimalistic design using black and white is going to be a huge part of the huge Trend in 2020 was are going to see a lot of mono Kraut so pallets of Gray. White and black that's something

that I like is called super detail, but we don't know because technology is moving at such a rate that no longer. Are we going to be viewing technology on the screen, but will be paralyzed viewing it in our

glasses or viewing it somewhere else pretty crazy guys. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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